Urban Site: Moultrie Street, SF

There are three units located at 342-346 Moultrie Street in San Francisco:

Some general information about the location:

Parking: street parking is reasonable but getting more crowded as the neighborhood gentrifies. You can usually park up front and close, as our neighbors like to park in front of their own homes and you get to know each other's cars. We look for tenants with few vehicles to keep our neighbors happy. There are no annoying parking permits or street sweeping zones. You can park and leave your car as long as you like. Public Transportation is close and easy. The #24 MUNI bus, a main SF route is at the end of the block and connects to everything. Bart from Muni is a few minute ride away in the heart of the Mission District. The Apple and Google Buses run on Cortland Avenue half a block away.

The good news in gentrification is there are wonderful four star restaurants, markets, cafe's, and yoga classes a block away. The yoga studio is still owned by a previous tenant. The award winning Bernal Public Library is at the end of the block. Freeway access in every direction is minutes away. The weather is the best in the city.

Kitchens: There are no built in dishwashers in the Garden Flat and Carriage House because the foundation detail in back of the cabinets doesn't provide enough depth. The Victorian 2nd Floor Flat doesn't have one so it doesn't disturb the Garden Flat Living Room Below. When my family lived here, we used a portable dishwasher for many years that we wheeled into place after dinner each day and connected to the faucet. Previous tenants have used these portable machines as well.

Pets: always a personal issue. Landlords usually prefer to not have them for obvious reasons, but life is short and good pets can make it sweeter. They have to get along with other pets, not make noise, and treat the grounds like the humans do. Dogs are not allowed for hygienic and safety reasons.

Utilities: This is a green residence, encouraging environmental as well as personal responsibility. Recycling is rigorous (it's part of the Lease Contract). Composting is encouraged for the organic gardens. All utilities are paid by the tenants who use them. The common laundry in the storage wing is pro-rata billed to each unit, as is water and garbage. The tenants own and maintain the laundry machines. Monthly costs: PG&E about $25/person, garbage/recycling about $20/unit, water/sewer about $25/person. PG&E and SF Water now stratify rates against allowances, a great idea that charges heavy users more than folks who conserve. We are proud to always use under average quantities for all utilities.

Storage: There are closet lockers adjacent to the courtyard for stuff not in your unit. Folks coming in from the suburbs can be surprised by city space restraints. You all share this space, and can divide it up. There's room for bikes, etc. in the big closet; you have to work with each other on what and where. The upstairs Victorian Flat has a large attic accessible from the front bedroom loft that can be used for storage, though you have to be careful not to step through the ceiling in places. The shared Laundry is in the closet closest to the Carriage House.

Testimonial: "Living in Bernal Heights, so close to several parks and the community life on Cortland Street was the most memorable and peaceful time in my young family's life together in San Francisco. Our shared community on Moultrie Street was a magical place for us - one we reminisce about often."