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Social Life and Privacy at Mountain Meadow

Mountain Meadow was built as a self sufficient Commune in the early '70s, and is an ideal location for community functions as well as a life of serene solitude. We believe with proper infrastructure and social culture you can "have it all".

Social Life is varied and stimulating on selected weekends. It is not unusual for residents to join in spontaneous dinners or breakfasts in the courtyard at any time. We have developed a simple system to signal each other when we want privacy and are to be left alone, so there is little worry that the serenity of this location will be spoiled when one wishes solitude. The autonomy of our residents is respected over social activity.

The Sonoma Mountain Games Group has been meeting since 2003, and meets once a month mostly on Saturday evenings for a gourmet potluck and play into the night. We play indoor as well as outdoor sports such as volleyball, bocce, croquet, and horseshoes when weather permits. In 2006 we added Improv Nights as well, playing Theater Sports as well as Improvisational games. Our group ranges in ages from the late 30's to 70's, and children often join us with their parents. We have a growing collection of over 200 indoor and outdoor games.

Our group now meets off the mountain every other month, hosted by other members. Games Group has also spawned a Travel Group, Movie Group, and a Book Group. Larger events are our annual Music on the Mountain (an Open Mic Music Festival honoring the Musicians of Sonoma Mountain), ThanksGaming, our annual Christmas Media Exchange and Gift-you-didn't-want Swap, and in January, our Bodega Bay Holiday Recovery weekend on the coast.

The layout of residences on Mountain Meadow make it possible for groups to meet in one or all of the units simultaneously. The North Wing is set up for large parties with a loft like living area and theater. The East and West Wings are more intimate, and all three open onto the central courtyard, where larger gatherings can enjoy our decks, lawn, gardens, and Koi pond.

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