Rentals Available

Currently all Dwellings are occupied by long term tenants.

Tenants in our Micro-Communities tend to remain for extended periods and establish stable community relationships, often purchasing homes in their area upon leaving. We used to joke that the only way to break the lease in our San Francisco setting was to buy a home, because for our first 20 years, every tenant did so. This trend is again manifesting as our neighborhood undergoes rapid Gentrification from Silicon Valley Commuters.

The dwellings and grounds of our rural property on Sonoma Mountain are a social hub for local Games, Book, Movie, and Music Clubs, which meet often on weekends in the main residence. While we treasure our peace and serenity in this natural setting, sharing it creates a healthy social community of creative, stimulating, and fun loving people. Click Here for more information on Social Life at Mountain Meadow.

You will find a

Rental Application

here to e-mail to us. Copy the text and answer the questions, or print a pdf file for yourself.

When we get better at this, you'll be able to submit it directly as a form. Our webmaster is busy having kids these days and is available intermittently. He has a habit of putting jokes and miscellaneous comments into the site as he wishes… we hope you find them amusing. He always wishes us well.